25 Top-Level News Background Templates for Editors (+4 Green Screens) - Motion Array (2022)

Whether you are producing your internet news show, or need a breaking news bulletin to appear in your next movie, News background templates can provide a quick and easy solution. Of course, you could spend hours or even days creating your own backgrounds and virtual spaces, but before you do, why not have a look at our list of 25 impressive news background templates for you to download today.


Part 1: 25 Latest News Background Templates

1.Breaking News Ultimate Pack 4K

Breaking News Ultimate Giant Pack 4K is a dynamic After Effects template that has everything you could want to make impactful news reports. Fully editable text with a super-easy drag and drop for your media, this has it all and looks just like broadcasts on TV.

Download Breaking News Ultimate Pack 4K Now

2. News Background

This one is a simple to use classic style news background with a stylish emanating beams design. It’s a stock motion graphic, so the text isn’t editable, but it’s perfect for short online news updates, or creative projects.

Download News Background Now

3. News Package

This modern After Effects template has a wealth of elements to make any news broadcast look slick and impactful. Complete with lower thirds, news opener, sharp transitions, split-screen, and so much more, News Package is a fantastic all-rounder.

Download News Package Now

4. Broadcast TV News Background

Similar to the second entry on this list, this bright stock motion graphic uses neon shapes and lines to create an impressive background for text and media elements to be incorporated.

Download Broadcast TV News Background Now

5. Blue Glass News Background

Blue Glass Undulating is a sleek stock motion graphics background with lines of stunning blue glass tiles moving like a gentle wave. This is another exciting background that is great to have at hand for documentaries, financial news, and social media campaigns.

Download Blue Glass News Background Now

6. News Broadcast Package

This dynamic After Effects template is super impressive with its modern design and editable elements to add multiple media files. Clean messaging, eye-catching, and highly versatile, News Broadcast Package will enhance your news reports, sports updates, or online news.

Download News Broadcast Package Now

7. Globe Animation

For news reports that cover world events, the Globe Animation background is precisely what you need to give your broadcast that authentic feel. Featuring a spinning globe in full HD, this is another brilliant element to add to your library.

Download Globe Animation Now

8. Globe Emits Signal

This vibrant Motion Graphics Video has a spinning globe that emits a cool-looking signal pulse that repeats. If you’re looking for amore contemporary globe design, then Globe Emits Signal has a lot to offer.

Download Globe Emits Signal Now

9. News Intro

News Intro provides a high-powered After Effects template with one logo placeholder and a massive 38 media placeholders to create a cube-like moving video wall. News Into is another awesome template that replicates the news intro we see every day on TV for your breaking news stories.

Download News Intro Now

10. Globe Animation

Globe-News Animation offers a stunning news broadcast opener with a metallic spinning globe and digital map. A striking Motion Graphics Video that is sure to make an impact on your audience.

Download Globe Animation Now

11. Breaking News Virtual Set

Breaking News Virtual Set is a fantastic way to get that authentic studio look without the physical studio. A super helpful Stock Motion Graphics Clip for all your online breaking news stories, social media news updates, or presentations.

Download Breaking News Virtual Set Now

12. News Background

The News Background is a beautifully designed red-themed background, featuring a worldwide map. The bold News title in the center means this backdrop is best used as a transition than a virtual background.

Download News Background Now

13. Breaking News Set

The Breaking News Set is an impressive video background featuring multiple rotating video walls. The 3D virtual space also features a large spinning Breaking News sign, perfect as a replacement background for your Green-Screen shot news updates.

Download Breaking News Set Now

14. World News Background

This Gold themed 3D rotating template with a large world map is a great background for any worldwide news broadcast. The simple color palette allows for several title options, as well as being well suited as a green-screen background replacement.

Download World News Background Now

15. Hi-Tech TV News Background

The Hi-Tech TV News Background is an impressive and bold backdrop, which would work well incorporated into an opening title sequence. The backdrop is busy with flashing lights and rotating elements and is best used with simple information and bold messaging.

Download Hi-Tech TV News Background Now

16. News Broadcast Background

The News Broadcast background offers a modern and high-tech backdrop for your news presentations. The blue lights and spinning components have a modern and fresh design, creating a subtle and elegant background.

Download News Broadcast Background Now

17. News Intro

This dynamic After Effects project contains a massive 38 media placeholders for your images and video. Finishing on a logo placeholder, this impressive 3D media wall makes for the perfect intro to your news shows and presentations.

Download News Intro Now

18. News Virtual Set

Don’t waste money hiring a news studio, download a virtual one! This stunningly designed virtual news set is the perfect backdrop for your presentations, reports, and online news projects.

Download News Virtual Set Now

19. New Broadcast Breaking News

New Broadcast Plate: Breaking News offers a stylish red-themed motion graphics video plate with a white plate for your headline text to be added. Perfect for online news shows, vlogs, or breaking news bulletins.

Download New Broadcast Breaking News Now

20. News Information

This template is a great background with stylized moving 3D box screens floating with various news footage you can easily add on. The mirror style and elegant glassy look will make your news message more significant for your viewers.

Download News Information Now

21. Dynamic Broadcast

Start your news announcements with a powerful touch with the Dynamic Broadcast AE template. Easily showcase your top news and create an energetic background for your news intro.

Download Dynamic Broadcast Now

22. Broadcast Design

Create a more colorful and gradient background for your news announcements with a modern globe animation and bold typography. A fantastic news intro background for your breaking news stories, sports fixtures, and even weather reports!

Download Broadcast Design Now

23. Landmarks Background

Using simple yet modern geometric shape animations, this background macro for DaVinci Resolve is great for your next breaking news broadcast. Easily customize the color and the lighting effect to create your very own design that matches your branding.

Download Landmarks Background Now

24. News Intro

If you are looking for a more classic look to introduce your news channel then this dynamic animation is just right for you. Combining bold titles and 3 pop up screens to showcase top stories, this is a must-have tool for all DaVinci video editors!

Download News Intro Now

25. Breaking News Intro

Featuring a more modern and stylish design with modern text animations, easily use it to promote your TV shows, broadcast projects, and community event updates. The energetic transitions and simple color scheme create a professional look!

Download Breaking News Intro Now

Part 2: Top 4 Green Screen Templates

1. Breaking News Special Report Pack

The Special Report pack contains everything you need for your news video projects. A stunningly designed news logo, dynamic lower third and themed transitions, all with Alpha Channels to lay over your footage.

Download Breaking News Special Report Pack Now

2. Green Screen Video Player

The Green Screen Video player offers a sleek and stylish video player to show off your media. Simply position the player file above your clips and resize as needed for a modern and elegant video design.

Download Green Screen Video Player Now

3. Couple Watching TV

This beautifully composed panning shot of a couple watching TV comes to Green Screen ready. All you need to do is motion-map your clip to the corners of the screen and remove the Green. Use this within your news show, or create an awesome promo video of the couple watching your content.

Download Couple Watching TV Now

4. Switching TV Channels

A second Green Screen ready shot, with a young man flicking through TV channels with a remote. Perfect for showcasing several pieces of content at the same time, this .mov is ideal for promoting your internet news channel.

Download Switching TV Channels Now

Part 3: How to Use News Background Templates

To use many of the Alpha Channels, you will need to remove the green background. This is quite simple and involves similar steps in each of the editing applications.

Step 1: Import your clip and new title elements. Place the news text element above your footage.

25 Top-Level News Background Templates for Editors (+4 Green Screens) - Motion Array (1)

Step 2: Go to your Effects panel and search for the Keyer/Chroma Key effect. Add it to the News text element.

25 Top-Level News Background Templates for Editors (+4 Green Screens) - Motion Array (2)

Step 3: In the Effects Control panel, you can finely tune your Chroma Key effect until all of the green is removed.

25 Top-Level News Background Templates for Editors (+4 Green Screens) - Motion Array (3)

Creating engaging news shows doesn’t need to take a lot of time or money. The collection of stunning news background templates we’ve shown you here are just a small sample of the beautiful and dynamic templates available at Motion Array, why not check out this article for more news intro resources.

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