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Forget your worries at a cozy cabin or lodge

Reserve Cabin, CampsiteVirginia State Parks provide comfortable and economical overnight accommodations. There are nearly 300 cozy, climate-controlled cabins of various sizes throughout the state. Many cabins are available year-round. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of modern-day life, you can't beat a Virginia State Park cabin.


If you have concerns or questions about your upcoming reservation, please call our Customer Service Center at 800-933-7275, Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Please be sure to call before your reservation is scheduled to start.

Check availability and reserve online. Or call 800-933-7275 Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Also, sign up for the Customer Loyalty Program to earn points that may be applied to future overnight stays.

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Cabins and family lodges - what to expect

Cabins at Virginia State Parks (4)

Cabin sizes and sleeping arrangements vary by park. See photos of Virginia State Park cabins, which vary greatly from park to park. Note that not all of the cabins pictured on Flickr may be rented. Many are historical features. Additionally, before June 2020, cabins and lodges included linens, so while they may be shown in photographs, they are no longer provided.

Furnishings: Cabins are simply furnished and have kitchens and bathrooms. Cabins also have a microwave, refrigerator, oven, dishes, cooking utensils, silverware, and glassware. Carefully read the occupancy information and make sure the cabin you plan to rent has enough beds for your party. Rental cots are unavailable.

Pet-Friendly: Cabins and lodges are pet-friendly ($10 per pet, per night fee, is charged) except for the Chippokes Walnut Valley House.

Guests must bring all linens: sheets, pillowcases, blankets, towels, bath mat, kitchen towels and cloths.
All beds feature sanitizable mattress covers and pillows for the protection of our guests and staff.

Fireplaces: Except those at Chippokes State Park and Twin Lakes State Park's Hill Lodge and Martin Cottage, all cabins have fireplaces. Cabins at Smith Mountain Lake have wood stoves.

Family Lodges: Family lodges are available or larger family groups and retreats at Bear Creek Lake, Claytor Lake, Douthat, Fairy Stone, Hungry Mother, James River, Kiptopeke, Lake Anna, Natural Tunnel, Occoneechee, Shenandoah River, Twin Lakes and Westmoreland. The lodges are rented only as single units, and individual rooms are not available.

Rest Day: All cabins, lodges, camping cabins, yurts and bunkhouses will be rented with a rest day between each rental.

Rental Requirements: Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, cabin and lodge rentals (and the deluxe yurt at Kiptopeke) require a six-night rental beginning on Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday, depending on the cabin and park. This requirement is reduced to a four-night stay three months out (start day requirement also ends) and dropped to two nights in the last month before arrival. There is a two-night minimum stay the rest of the year.

Between the Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day period, guests may book a 13-night stay. Within three months of the arrival date, a guest can add any available nights to their reservation up to the maximum of 14 as long as a rest day exists between adjacent reservations.

Check-in and Check-out: Check-in time is 4 p.m.; check-out time is 10 a.m. Check-in days during the six-night stay requirement vary by cabin/lodge and are noted in the cabin section of the park’s web page and in the notes on the web reservation system. All reservations are subject to availability. Cabins cannot be reserved for more than 14 days in a 30-day period.

Parks with overnight lodging

Parks have many cabin sizes and styles

Legacy Cabins: Legacy cabins, available at Virginia's first six parks, were built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the mid-1930s and are either log or frame cabins. Douthat, Fairy Stone and Westmoreland have log cabins. Hungry Mother features log and frame cabins. First Landing and Staunton River have frame cabins. The cabins have the least floor space but are popular due to their historic ambiance. You can view photos of many park cabins (linens are no longer provided but may be shown in photographs). Staunton River has had all of its frame cabins completely renovated to maintain the historical ambiance and update and correct problems in these 85-year old structures. Douthat and Fairy Stone have begun the renovation process on their cabins.

Except for Staunton River, the above six parks also have cabins built in the 1950s or early 1960s. All of these are two-bedroom, cinder-block cabins. Their exteriors are wood-framed. Douthat's are exceptional because such cabins have interior walls covered by sheetrock (that is, the cinder block wall doesn't show). Many of these have screened porches. Claytor Lake also has cinder block cabins, and Twin Lakes has them with a stucco exterior instead of wood. Chippokes also offers historic cabins; its four cabins are restored tenant houses from the old plantation operation.

Updated Cabins: Smith Mountain Lake's cabins were built in the 1990s and are framed with sheetrock walls. They resemble small residential houses. The cabins have a wood stove instead of a fireplace. Lake Anna State Park has cabins built around 2002 that resemble small residential houses and fireplaces.

The agency began designing new two- and three-bedroom cabins and six-bedroom family lodges around 2002. These distinctive cabins are available at Bear Creek Lake, James River, Kiptopeke, Natural Tunnel, Occoneechee, Pocahontas State Park and Shenandoah River. Several have been built at Claytor Lake and Douthat, as well.

The agency began designing new two- and three-bedroom cabins and six-bedroom family lodges around 2002. These distinctive cabins are available at Bear Creek Lake, James River, Kiptopeke, Natural Tunnel, Occoneechee, Pocahontas and Shenandoah River. Several have been built at Claytor Lake and Douthat, as well.

Cabin Details: The Cabins section on each park page details the number of bedrooms and distinguishes between the cabin construction at parks with more than one type of cabin. View the photos on each park's web page or see photos of many cabins (linens are no longer provided but may be shown in pictures). Please call the Customer Service Center, 800-933-7275, for help finding a cabin that perfectly meets your needs.

Special overnight accommodations

Bel Air Mansion and Guest House - These two upscale, overnight facilities in Belle Isle State Park are perfect for family reunions or picturesque weddings. The mansion is furnished with antique reproductions and has a maximum occupancy of six overnight guests, per fire code. The simply furnished Guest House comfortably sleeps five, but eight are allowed. (Guests beyond five may bring sleeping bags and air mattresses.)

Walnut Valley House - Nestled in a pastoral setting and framed by magnificent magnolia trees, Walnut Valley House at Chippokes State Park takes you back in time. Enjoy the charm of a country plantation with all modern conveniences. The house has four bedrooms that sleep a total of eight, and the living room has a full-size sleeper sofa. Other amenities include a kitchen and spacious dining room. A covered and screened-in side porch and quaint back porch offer splendid views. A sidewalk leads to the back of the house, and a wheelchair lift provides accessibility.

Cove Ridge Center at Natural Tunnel State Park - Available for reunions, conferences or business meetings, the two attached dormitories can accommodate up to 30 each. Overnight guests have free use of the adjacent swimming pool during normal operating hours. Reservations are handled by the park at (276) 940-2696.

Poplar Hill Cottage at the Southwest Virginia Museum - This quaint, garden-themed cottage is the perfect getaway in the mountains. The charming cottage, furnished with reproduction furniture, is in the historic Poplar Hill neighborhood, adjacent to other fine homes. The cottage comfortably sleeps six and two full baths. Pets are not allowed. Reservations are handled by the park at (276) 523-1322.

Learn more about reservations, the cancellation policy and the transfer policy.

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