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Mount Olympus is a suburb of the city of Mount Olympus, which was established in 1965 by Russ Vincent and focused on constructing stunning residences with spectacular views. The master plan, as indicated by the name Mount Olympus, called for streets to be designed with a Greek theme. The Mount Olympus neighborhood is a gated, master-planned community with an extremely involved homeowner’s association, ADT security 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and fairly stringent community standards and rules.

North of Sunset Boulevard, adjacent to Laurel Canyon Boulevard to the East, and West of Nichols Canyon Road is the lovely Olympus neighborhood, which is conveniently located. It is a short distance from all the hustle and bustle of Hollywood Boulevard, as well as being close to Beverly Hills.

This neighborhood resort offers one-story Mediterranean-style homes with some having poolside Jacuzzis. All homes have their own private swimming pools with spacious yards. You can find this unique community on Mount Olympus Road, Orion Circle, and Zeus Place.


Mount Olympus is a neighborhood in Los Angeles. The population of Mount Olympus is 961, with 53 percent male and 47 percent female residents, who have a median age of 46. Families with children account for 16% of residents in this neighborhood, single-female families for 16%, single-male families for 29%, and couples for 55%. Mount Olympus, with a population of approximately 10,000 people, has an average household size of 2.08 and a family size of 2.76.

The median household income in Mount Olympus, Los Angeles is $122,829, while the median individual earnings are $64,406. Sixty-six percent of the population has completed high school, 14% have completed college but do not have a degree, 5% have an associate degree, 39% hold a bachelor’s degree, and 26% have finished graduate school.

Single Family Homes, Condominiums, and other types of properties are available for purchase in Mount Olympus, Los Angeles. The median house price is $3,298,586.

This area, which was developed in the 1960s by Russ Vincent, is largely made up of single-family residences. The region’s name comes from its namesake, and most of the homes are Greek in style. A small Greek community resides here. Is it true that many celebrities reside in Mount Olympus, Los Angeles? Despite the fact that this area is not particularly popular with stars, it has drawn a large number of international purchasers in the past. The most expensive home in the area is owned by billionaire heiress Megan Ellison.It’s no surprise that Mount Olympus houses for sale have some of the most stunning views in Los Angeles, given their amazing vistas and vast mansions. What are the factors that influence the quality of life in Mount Olympus? The neighborhood is home to a number of parks, including Mount Olympus Park, which was created by architect John Parkinson in 1922, and other parks throughout Southern California such as Hollywood Bowl Park and Griffith Park.

There are two public libraries in the area, both on Washington Boulevard near Pico Boulevard: Mount Olympus Branch Library and West Adams Branch Library. Residents in this neighborhood may enjoy the Mount Olympian recreation center, which includes a health club and aquatic facility. Residents within close proximity to this community can visit the Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area, which has numerous hiking and walking trails.

What are the noise levels and air quality inMount Olympus, Los Angeles?

The higher the walk score, the louder it is. So, if you’re a really noise-sensitive individual and the noise is just too much, you may need to pick a location with a lower walk score.

The air quality in Mount Olympus, Los Angeles was excellent last month (Air Quality Index, i.e., AQI was 48 for pollutant PM2.5). When the AQI for contaminant PM2.5 hit 100 in 2020, the air quality was bad for 10 days.


A neighborhood’s demographics might provide a decent indication of how ‘neighborly’ it is. Mount Olympus has inviting neighborliness about it, with 78 percent owner-occupied homes and median household size of 2.1 persons.


Mount Olympus is a great place to live and work because of the people that populate the city.

The wealthy elite of Mount Olympus is some of the wealthiest, most influential people in all of Los Angeles. They live extravagant lifestyles never knowing what it’s like to worry about money. This lifestyle has been passed down from generation to generation making the children of such wealthy families spoiled and pampered.

A large number of the people in Mount Olympus work in the entertainment industry, whether it be acting, singing, or writing movie scripts, etc. They are very passionate about their professions and will stop at nothing to make a name for themselves.

Many other people in Mount Olympus have normal nine to five jobs. These people are the exception to the rule, though they still live luxurious lives thanks to their wealthy parents.

Just because these people have money does not mean that they can act however they want; some of them are forced into attending therapy sessions in order to ensure that they do not develop any mental illnesses brought on by their sheltered lifestyles and fast-paced schedules.

While some of these people are more than happy with their lives and just want to live them naturally, there are others who crave the fame and fortune that many people in Mount Olympus obtain through hard work and determination.

Students who attend primary school in Mount Olympus know what it takes to be successful – they must get good grades in all their classes, participate in extracurricular activities, and take advanced placement courses.

The people who live in Mount Olympus are not limited to being successful academically – they also have the opportunity to be successful athletically. People in Mount Olympus have access to almost any type of sport that they want. There are numerous gyms scattered throughout the city where people can work out and improve their fitness.

Students who live in Mount Olympus go to school year-round, so they can keep up with other students around the world. Students will take part in a variety of activities during each session. They have a break from winter to spring where they spend time with family and friends, enjoy leisure activities, travel, and sometimes get an internship or job.


Depending on what people are searching for, a quality institution may be defined differently – some individuals may care about schools with outstanding athletic programs, while others might desire education institutions that prepare students better for higher education. However, since perspective may make a difference, independent bodies like Niche offer school ratings and are frequently utilized by parents to choose schools. You should, however, double-check these grades with additional sources such as visiting the campus.

Because of the continuing demand for these areas, it’s no surprise that locations with highly rated public schools have more pricey homes. It’s a good idea to investigate the local schools and their ratings if you have youngsters or plan on having them in the future. Citizens of the World Charter School in Los Angeles (#109 in California), Goethe International Charter School in Los Angeles, WISH Community School in San Diego are among 11 A+/A-rated public elementary schools in the district.The following is a list of top-rated public middle schools in the area: #25 The Goethe International Charter School (metro), WISH Community School (metro), Sherman Oaks Center for Enriched Studies (metro) are among 12 A+/A rated public middle schools in the district.In the area, there are 11 A+/A-rated public high schools including Harbor Teacher Preparation Academy (#44 in metro), High Tech Los Angeles (#41 in metro), and Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies (31st best community college district in California).

It’s critical to choose an area with a consistent high school rating. While the schools in your current region may be excellent for your young children, it’s worth looking at the middle and high schools they’ll attend later on. The primary school, middle school, and high school in this neighborhood all have similar excellence ratings from Niche. If you have children and want them to attend a stable school environment throughout their education, this community could be a good fit for you.


Whether or not a neighborhood is desirable may also be determined by the nearby amenities. A high walk score means there are a lot of locations to visit like stores, restaurants, coffee shops, schools, and more nearby. While the scores aren’t perfect, they’re a decent guide for “things to do” in those areas. The quality of your neighborhood’s schools, traffic, safety, and property values are all important factors to consider. Living near grocery stores, restaurants, and parks can make a significant difference in your everyday life.

For residents of Mount Olympus, Los Angeles, there are a number of dining alternatives. You can get your morning cup of joe from Coffee Coffee, or Tiago Espresso Bar + Kitchen and relax for a leisurely weekend brunch at Tower Bar, Sam’s Bagels, or VIP Dining Room – Universal VIP Experience. Stolichnaya Bakery, Tartine Sycamore, and Yogurtland in Mount Olympus, Los Angeles are some of the best dessert spots for treating your sweet tooth. Residents enjoy ordering tacos from the Gardens of Taxco, Pinches Tacos, or El Compadre, as well as burgers from Johnny Rockets, Astro Burger, or Burger Lounge. Gardens of Taxco, Johnny Rockets, or Pink Taco are some great spots for a fun dine-in experience.

Trader Joe’s, Bristol Farms Hollywood, and Laurel Canyon Country Store are just a few of the many supermarkets that may be found in Los Angeles’ Mount Olympus.


For families with children, it is critical to have easy access to parks, playgrounds, daycare places, and highly rated pre-schools.In Mount Olympus, Los Angeles, there are a few parks and playgrounds, including Hollywood Bowl Picnic Area, Havenhurst Park, and The Bowl Marketplace. Picnic areas, swings, slides, and other play equipment are available at these parks for children and their families. During the summer months, families may enjoy a pleasant picnic beneath the trees or go on a weekend walk with the kids.

The quality of the daycare centers involved is an extremely significant factor, especially if the parents work full-time. Los Angeles’s Mount Olympus is a popular area for families with young children. Laurel Early Ed Center, TIOH Preschool, Romp *N* Roll Total Pet Care, and Ivy League Royal Academy WeeCare are some of the childcare options available. It’s easy to get to such facilities as West Hollywood Urgent Care, Sunset Urgent Care, and Urgent Care Medical Office; all of which are close.


The higher the walk score, the noisier the neighborhood. So, if you’re a particularly noise-sensitive individual and it’s just unbearable, you might need to look for a place with a lower walk score.

The air quality in Mount Olympus, Los Angeles was good last month (Air Quality Index, i.e., AQI was 48 for pollutant PM2.5). The air quality was poor for 10 days in 2020 when the AQI for pollutantsPM2.5exceeded 100.


Quality of life is a very subjective term. While some people prefer a walkable city with lots of activities close to where they live, others choose the suburbs for their quiet streets, serenity, and proximity to open spaces and nature. For most people, the notion of being automobile-dependent is repulsive, but for others, a five-minute commute to their favorite weekend hangout is a luxury.

Taking all of this into account, it would be beneficial to know what amenities are available in the neighborhood, as well as whether you can perform the majority of your daily activities on foot.The walk score in Los Angeles, California is 13, the bike score is 5, and the transit score is 28. A car is almost essential for almost any errand.

The closest airport is Bob Hope Airport, which is approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes away from the city. US-101, the freeway that runs parallel to Mount Olympus in Los Angeles, is the nearest route.


A majority of the homes are contemporary and Mediterranean style with over 3,000 interior square feet on larger than average size lots. The construction of many new homes in Los Angeles is built in the Mount Olympus area. Some of the best views of Downtown Los Angeles real estate can be found in this area. Since 1983 Mt.

Olympus has been a planned community operated by a Property Owners Association providing 24 hour ADT security patrolling the area in a dedicated car, and in this time the area has seen an increased demand for larger land homesites.

Mount Olympus currently has 1,300+ residents living in it, or at least its current boundaries for the community that was established in 1983 with a purpose to retain long-standing residents and build an organized community. The area is bordered by Laurel Canyon Boulevard, Ventura Boulevard, Coldwater Canyon Avenue, and Whitnall Highway in a residential neighborhood with a mix of high-density apartments and houses.

Today, Mount Olympus is a highly organized community with residents who regularly attend HOA meetings and refer to themselves as one big family.

This tight-knit community is just another reason Mount Olympus was ranked number six by “Business Week” on its list of the most expensive neighborhoods in Los Angeles.

At just under six acres or one-third of an acre, the size of homes in Mount Olympus is limited by city ordinance to 5,750 square feet, including the foundation and garage. That’s why you rarely see six-car garages in this neighborhood.

The Hollywood Hills, where Mount Olympus lies, is one of the few areas in Los Angeles where homes do not have to be built on a slab of concrete. Instead of a slab, homes in the area must be built on at least a two-foot deep foundation and consist of at least 48 inches of concrete poured above the rebar. The reason for this is to prevent shallow landslides when heavy rainfalls.


Mount Olympus is a beautiful place with numerous hills and valleys. Homebuyers find it hard to get the homeownership of their dreams here, but this doesn’t stop them from trying. You can always tell when you are on your way up to Mount Olympus because the road gets narrow and steep, but the view is spectacular. You can see nearly all of Los Angeles from up there.

As with most hilltop properties in Los Angeles, Mount Olympus has some strange quirks that are difficult to explain. For example, when you want to buy a house in Mount Olympus it feels like you are running uphill even before you start searching. There is something about the search process that feels like you are climbing an endless mountain.

The homes in Mount Olympus are just as expensive as they are in Beverly Hills, but without all of the services. Shopping in Mount Olympus requires a trip to Rodeo Drive or downtown Los Angeles because there aren’t any stores nearby. The homeowners appear to want to keep Mount Olympus exclusive even though everyone has the same views.

Some of the most expensive homes in Mount Olympus are owned by celebrities like Harrison Ford and Arnold Schwarzenegger, but they aren’t in “Mount Olympus” very often. It is difficult to recommend that you buy in Mount Olympus because once you do, your life doesn’t really change for the better. The area is beautiful and quiet.


The Hollywood Hills community of Mt. Olympus contains 406-homes. The position of the subdivision, perched on a ridge high above Los Angeles, gives many homeowners unobstructed views of the city below — sweeping vistas from Downtown Los Angeles to the Pacific Ocean and Catalina. What’s more,city and canyon views are preserved because of the neighborhood’s property owners association rules which restrict the height of homes and trees in the neighborhood.

Lush vegetation and the serene of canyon living will make you forget that you’re just a short drive from all that Los Angeles has to offer, such as shopping, dining, and nightlife.

Because Mount Olympus is a relatively newer subdivision, home shoppers will find three rare features of the neighborhood: large lots, wide streets, underground utilities, and sidewalks. Each home in Mount Olympus was specifically designed to take advantage of the area’s natural setting and views, making each home a unique detail of the neighborhood’s overall composition.

The diverse range of neighborhoods within the parish, including the Mount Olympus neighborhood, make it well suited for families looking to buy their first home or relocate. The opportunities provided by Mount Olympus combined with the benefits of living in Los Angeles make this community an ideal location for those looking to move into an area that’s both affordable and convenient.

Steps away from the neighborhood’s charming park, families can take advantage of community events like an annual Easter egg hunt or even rent out the space for their own family reunion. With farmer’s markets throughout the warmer months, Mount Olympus residents are able to take full advantage of fresh fruits and vegetables available nearby.

The Los Angeles Metro Rail is just a short walk away, providing residents with quick access to the city. Mount Olympus homes for sale are also only about 12 miles from LA International Airport.

With plenty of dining opportunities nearby, fresh markets, entertainment options and even more shopping malls, Mount Olympus offers an ideal location close to the city’s cultural center, but far enough away to let residents enjoy the tranquility of living in a small community.

If you are interested, I’m here to help you find the perfect home for your needs in Mount Olympus! I know this is a place that will make my heart soar, and if it sounds like something of interest or maybe even an opportunity then please feel free to contact me at any time. With our combined efforts together let’s get Mount Olympus homes on sale so more people can have access to these amazing neighborhoods–and dreams come true.

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