Things To Do In Orlando In May | (2022)

Things To Do In Orlando In May

Things To Do In Orlando In May | (2)

Though the calendar always says spring, this month you may need help to overcome Florida’s warmth; It looks like another summer in May at Magic Kingdom when you visit on your first day of your Disney WorldPackages. You can expect busy days. Most American schools don’t go out in the summer until the end of May as a result you should be expecting an increase in the number of people in the parks on any given day.

  • How busy is Orlando in May?
  • What to wear in Orlando in May?
  • What to do in Orlando in May?
  • Are Orlando water parks open in May?
  • Best Orlando hotels in May?
  • Weather In Orlando At May?
  • Things to do in Disney World in May?
  • Things to do in Universal Orlando in May?
    • Reminders
  • Things to do in SeaWorld Orlando in May?
    • SeaWorld Orlando May events?
    • May packing list?
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How busy is Orlando in May?

Mid-May is a great time to visit Orlando. The summer heat has not come in full force; the summer crowd is slowly arriving. People have just finished their Spring Break and may not be planning their next vacation until the summer or the Holiday season. So it will be busy but you can navigate the parks easier.

What To wear in Orlando in May?

Since the Florida sun can be incredibly difficult, the first element of any packaging list must be sunscreen! A bad sunburn can totally affect your Orlando vacation. You’ll also need to pack light clothes that are easy to wear. Comfortable shorts, t-shirts, and sneakers are suitable for most days spent in the park. Get a nice dress or a pair of pants and a shirt for a more formal dinner. Some less common items that visitors sometimes forget in theirUniversal Orlando vacation packages:

    • Laundry bag for wet swimsuits or other dirty products
    • A lightweight and foldable backpack for collecting items in the park
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What To Do In Orlando In May?

Aside from all the events in the parks including Flower and Garden in Epcot, the surrounding attractions have a lot to offer too.

    • Try tickets to the zoo. Central Florida Zoo and Botanical Gardens.
    • Day Trips to Cape Canaveral to visit Kenndey Space Center
    • Nature and nature Airboat travels through the Everglades in central Florida and encounters Orlando crocodiles.
    • Tour the Crystal River with nature and nature Everglades water bus rides and optional sea animal adventures.

Are Orlando water parks open in May?

  1. Aquatica – The Aquatica water park is part of SeaWorld, south of Orlando city center. Try the incredible “Reef Plunge”, a ride that lets you float in a transparent tube where dolphins swim in the surrounding pool. There is a wave pool, lazy river, rapids, a kids play area, food, bars and tons of slides.
  2. Discovery Cove- This unique park is also part of SeaWorld and lets you get up close to animals in the all-inclusive resort. You can swim with Dolphins and float by otters. You can enjoy the lagoons, and rivers as well as you explore the scenery and meet the animals. Food and drinks are included.
  3. Volcano Bay Universal – This is unlike any water park. It is more like a resort on a pacific island. Here you tap in to hold your place in line. Instead of standing in the hot sun, you can play in the wave pool until it’s your turn to ride the slides. Tubes and rafts are carried up the stairs for you by conveyors and the walkways are sprayed down constantly to protect your feet from the heat. You can lounge or play with several slides, an aqua coaster, bars, cabanas, and more.
  4. Disney’s Blizzard Beach – Themed to look like a ski resort-turned water park. This quirky park has rides for the whole family and like the other Disney water park inclusive of all sizes. There are a wave pool, slides, and areas just for teens and kids to escape the sun in the water. (Temporarily Closed)
  5. Disney Typhoon Lagoon – Like Blizzard Beach, this Disney water park is made for everyone and has no weight limits on slides. It also houses the most intense wave pool in central Florida. it can e programmed to go surfing on, which you can sign up for as lessons. It has cabanas, a beach, pools, a lazy river, and food and loungers. Try the ice cream sundae in a sand pail!

Best Orlando hotels in May?

Orlando Hotels you can visit near Disney World with exceptional customer service and best prices.Other guest might be interested in vacation packages in Orlando include hotels or vacation homes and Disney World discounted tickets, SeaWorld tickets, Universal tickets, dinner shows and more…

Weather In Orlando At May?

It is Florida, so expect it to be warm and sometimes very hot. It will also be the beginning of Hurricane Season, so it will rain.

Expect afternoon showers most days, which shouldn’t last more than an hour.


Things to do in Disney World in May?

Events at Disney World?

    • The Flower and Garden Festival in Epcot
      • Make a trip over to experience food and drink created from the most delectable plants and flowers. The lavender lemonade is a must-try. Even sample plant-based options to expand your pallet.

May packing list?

Orlando is the ultimate travel destination. Because there are so many interesting things to try in a short time, tourists often find it overwhelming when they are preparing for their journey. An easy way to reduce this stress is to check your packing list. From clothing to snacks, this list covers just about everything you need to bring.

    1. Chargers – Don’t forget your phone charger, but also bring portable ones. Whether it’s to keep your tablet running to play videos while waiting in line or to keep genie+ refreshed a portable charger is important.
    2. Light Clothes – Florida is warm, so bring clothing that breathes. Linen and cotton are great and natural fabrics. Bring shorts, t-shirts, and for the adventurous-themed attired. You won’t be the only one sporting ears and a robe, so bring it! Sneakers are a must for all the walking, leave the flip-flops for the pool.
    3. Additional Bags – Yes bring a suitcase, but also bring bags to carry items in the park. If you have a stroller you can hold a lot of items there. But, if you can fit it in a side bag it will help to get on rides faster. A cross-body bag is the most ideal as most rides allow to bring it on without having to go to a locker.
    4. Sunscreen / sunglasses – Combat the sun with SPF! No matter where you are from the sun here in Florida does not play. Bring SPF lip balm or UV reflective shirts. Every little bit helps.
    5. Snacks – Food in the parks can get pricey, so bring your own snacks. Most places will let you bring in snacks, especially if you have little ones or dietary needs.
    6. Water bottle – You can refill your water bottle anywhere in the park for free by the bathrooms or if you go to most quick services they may hand you a disposable cup with water.
    7. Electric fan – If you can get one that is portable it can help with the waits in line to be the heat. Also, try to get a cooling towel to place on your neck.

Things To Do In Orlando In May | (5)

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    • When booking a room at during the Memorial Day weekend, higher rates may apply during the high season.
    • Express Pass for Universal is included with their Premier Resorts
    • Make sure to prepare (and use) sunscreen to prevent sunburn, and remember to apply again throughout the day for continued protection.
    • Don’t push yourself and if you are staying near by take a break and go back to hotel to cool off and enjoy the pool

Things To Do In Orlando In May | (6)



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Things to do in SeaWorld Orlando in May?

SeaWorld Orlando May events?

  1. Electric Ocean: Night shows are back for the summer season and include fireworks, lasers, and fountains. When the sun goes down, the park comes to life under the influence of SeaWorld’s Ocean Electric.
  2. The Seven-Sea food festival: Sample local craft beers and drinks and food. Even enjoy some live music on weekends.
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What is going on in Orlando in May 2022? ›

May 2022 Orlando Calendar of Events
May 1, 2022

Is May a good month to go to Orlando Florida? ›

The best time to visit Orlando is from March to May. That's the time of year you'll find the most pleasant weather (high 50s to high 80s most days) and agreeable prices on travel and lodging (excluding holiday weekends and school recesses).

What is going on in Florida in May 2022? ›

  • 9 of Our Favorite Florida Events in May 2022. August 10, 2022 April 28, 2022 by Breanna Ramos. ...
  • 7th Annual Cuban Sandwich Festival. ...
  • 26th Annual Key West Songwriters Festival. ...
  • Gamble Rogers Music Festival. ...
  • Orange Blossom Jamboree. ...
  • Floridania Fest. ...
  • Tupelo Honey Festival. ...
  • Sarasota Shrimp & Music Festival.
Apr 28, 2022

What is Orlando like in May? ›

May Weather in Orlando Florida, United States. Daily high temperatures increase by 4°F, from 84°F to 88°F, rarely falling below 78°F or exceeding 93°F. Daily low temperatures increase by 6°F, from 66°F to 72°F, rarely falling below 59°F or exceeding 75°F.

Is Disney springs free? ›

No, there is no admission fee to enter the general areas of Disney Springs.

What's happening in May in Florida? ›

If you want amazing entertainment from your Florida festival, here are some of the best to check out.
  • Jacksonville Jazz Festival.
  • Best of the Best Music Fest.
  • Suwannee River Jam.
  • Sunfest.
  • Tampa International Fringe Festival.
  • Gamble Rogers Music Festival.
  • Welcome to Rockville Festival.
  • Key West Songwriters Festival.

Is Orlando busy in May? ›

May is such a wonderful month to visit Disney World. The weather is great and the crowds are low to moderate until Memorial Day Weekend. Keep reading to find out about crowds, closures and special events during your May trip to Disney World.

What is the rainiest month in Orlando? ›

Rain falls throughout the year in Orlando. The month with the most rain in Orlando is June, with an average rainfall of 5.7 inches. The month with the least rain in Orlando is November, with an average rainfall of 1.8 inches.

What months are hurricane season in Orlando Florida? ›

Hurricane season is officially June 1st to November 20th. From mid August to mid October is the highest risk.

How much is a shuttle from Tampa to Orlando? ›

Flixbus USA operates a bus from Tampa to Orlando International Airport once daily. Tickets cost $11 - $50 and the journey takes 3h.

What is going on in Orlando June 2022? ›

  • ALYSSA. ...
  • 2022 APPLAUSE AWARDS. ...
Jun 1, 2022

What is going on in Orlando April 2022? ›

Events Around Orlando in April 2022:
  • Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival. ...
  • SeaWorld Seven Seas Festival. ...
  • Busch Gardens Food & Wine Festival. ...
  • Sunset Walk Entertainment. ...
  • Fiesta in The Park. ...
  • RAM Nationals. ...
  • Sun 'N Fun International Fly-In Expo. ...
  • Celebration Exotic Car Festival.

Is May too hot in Orlando? ›

May. In May, temperatures start to warm towards summer levels. It can be very hot, but not as hot as the peak summer months. You can prepare for warm temperatures by drinking plenty of water, carrying a spray fan, and having a cooling towel.

Is Disney crowded in May? ›

We've had wonderful visits during May in terms of weather, crowds, and entertainment. The other good news is that May sees a reduced slate of refurbishments, longer park hours, and only moderate crowds. Most schools are still in session during May, so crowds are typically fairly uniform for most of the month.

Is May a rainy month in Orlando? ›

Rainfall. In Orlando, in May, it is raining for 15.3 days, with typically 3.23" (82mm) of accumulated precipitation. In Orlando, during the entire year, the rain falls for 187.6 days and collects up to 33.86" (860mm) of precipitation.

Is Disney BoardWalk free? ›

ENTERTAINMENT — There is no admission fee to Disney's BoardWalk itself, but certain venues may have cover charges. Self-parking is free for Disney guests, Valet Parking is $25 (valet parking is free to Tables in Wonderland members with a valid receipt).

Can you see fireworks from Disney Springs? ›

Technically, you can see fireworks from Disney Springs since some of the Magic Kingdom's fireworks are visible. The best view is from the upper deck of Paddlefish, the restaurant on the old riverboat docked in Lake Buena Vista.

How much are Disney Springs tickets? ›

Ticket prices are $34 + tax for adults and $29 + tax for children ages 3-9.

What are the dates for the Florida State Fair 2022? ›

What are some important historical events in Florida? ›

1633Missions established in Apalachee territory.
1656Timucua peoples rebel against Spanish authority; Mission San Luis established in what is today Tallahassee.
1672 -1695Castillo de San Marcos built by Spanish in St. Augustine, using native and slave labor.
1698Pensacola established by the Spanish.
317 more rows

What is there to do in Florida in February 2022? ›

Top Attractions in Florida
  • The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. 41,199. Amusement & Theme Parks. ...
  • Wynwood Walls. 8,919. Points of Interest & Landmarks • Art Museums. ...
  • Dry Tortugas National Park. 5,478. ...
  • Sunshine Skyway Bridge. 3,699. ...
  • Fort Lauderdale Beach. 9,281. ...
  • Clearwater Beach. 12,706. ...
  • Naples Botanical Garden. 4,404. ...
  • The Ringling. 7,277.

Is Orlando busy in May? ›

May is such a wonderful month to visit Disney World. The weather is great and the crowds are low to moderate until Memorial Day Weekend. Keep reading to find out about crowds, closures and special events during your May trip to Disney World.

Is Florida busy in May? ›

May. May marks the start of the warmest part of the year, and is a good time to visit Florida. Crowds at blockbuster attractions like the Magic Kingdom and Universal Studios are manageable, at least until Memorial Day, when things get a little busier.


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